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Lumia 920 Week One Impressions

Author: Mark Posted: 2013-01-07

Now that I've used the Lumia 920 for about a week, there are a few apparent issues that have sprung up. Before I get started it is important to remember that Windows 8 phones have been out for very long compared to the iPhone of Google's Android phones.  
The hardest aspect to deal with is the lack of available apps that I am used to using. Kindle, Goggles, and the Chrome browsers are the top three that I wished shipped at release. Can I get along without these apps? Sure I can manage but I'm bummed.  
As for the hardware itself there are a few minor findings. The weight of the devices is heavy, but usable. The battery doesn't last as long as I'd like, but I'm also a heavy app user. I wish the task manager had a close app button instead of having to hit the back button to close apps one at a time. Finally, the app store shows apps for all Windows phones including those that don't work with the Lumia. It's always a let down when you think you found the killer app only to have it not work on your phone. 
Are these issues deal breakers? No, as the user interface and integration of social media is superb and negates any negative in my opinion. 


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