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Steve Jobs Ad Nauseam

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2015-04-04

A good deal of my closest friend's love Apple and the products they sell. They are always perplexed as to why I myself don't partake in Apple's offerings, although I did use an Apple 2GS for quite some time. Apple does make good products, but I've always been turned off by their cult like following as there are products just as good as and oftentimes better than what Apple offers. They are a luxury brand while I'm about functionality and practicality. 

There is one aspect about Apple that just doesn't sit right with me. They are going after a lifestyle of opulence in a practical world. Additionally, I've always been a humanist and believe in voting with my dollars to change the world. What Apple, at least during Job's reign was what I considered the epitome of evil. He was notorious being extremely egotistical and treat his employees poorly. For someone considering himself to be a Buddhist, he was as far from as can be. Many accounts, even if only a few were true, would not exemplify Buddhist beliefs. He treated every interaction with others as a means for Ego boosting, as seen from his infamous interaction with President Obama. Even the bloggers that don't work for Apple are treated as robotic servants to be dismantled if they show any doubt in Apple products by being ostracized from further product release showings.

Job's himself is a tyrant in regards to unions and slave labor. Apple during his time was the only company known for pushing slave labor employees to the point of mass suicides. He dismantled Apple's philanthropic program. At least Bill Gates shares his wealth with misfortunates and established programs to better the planet. He also believed in union busting and that teacher's pay should be based on merit. He believe that school should be year round and that teachers should work 10 hour days. What a disaster that would have been, especially considering he was a college dropout!

Diogenes of Sinope's recent article, although very Gordon Ramsay-ish, sums up what I've been feeling when people who worship Job's and the products he pushed. He was a very good salesman and cult leader. People also keep talking about how Steve was a genius innovator. All the products he's credited with inventing all existed before they were repacked and touted as being created by Steve. He didn't even credit the repackages with their work such as Ivy and the legends of engineers working at Apple. He's not a genius in any regards other than his idea to push simplicity in order to sell products to non-computer users. That's the only thing he did and did well. Apple will hopefully turn their company around to be more in tune with the Buddhist beliefs that Steve claimed to follow, and start treating people with respect. However, I'll never by an Apple product as I don't want to promote my own Ego by buying luxury technology items that become outdated all too quickly.

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