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Effective Parental Controls Study Results

Author: Mark Page Posted: 2014-10-01

A recent study of the effectiveness of  parental control programs was recently conducted by AV-Comparatives found that no software solution is perfect. With Windows, OSX, and Android software evaluated, the programs that caught 100% of the objectionable material for 9 year olds also came up with a significant amount of false positives. This can lead to frustration while browsing. The software that was deemed the best for Windows was Windows Live Family and Telekom Kinderschutz, both of which scored 100%. Non of the OSX programs scored above 92%, and on iOS the Surfgarten app scored 100% with many false positives. For Android, BlueCoat K9 scored 98% success.

If you have children who use technology, nothing beats monitoring their use. Education and talking to your child is best practice and relying on a simple software fix is not reliable. If you can't be around to monitor your child's technology use, have them play outside or read a book.

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